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No matter your age, health, or eyesight, it’s essential you undergo regularly scheduled eye exams. An eye exam can determine your current ocular prescription and also detect early signs of eye diseases and conditions that can affect your long-term vision.

Many eye diseases progress with little to no symptoms, posing considerable risk to your ocular health. Eye exams are vital in detecting early signs of these diseases before they damage your eyes, making them vital to preventive health care.

Eye Exams Are Also Important for Your Overall Health

Just like you see your physician for an annual checkup and your dentist for regular cleanings and dental exams, you should see your optometrist for regular eye exams. It may sound cliche, but your eyes are the windows to your overall health.

Your eyes are delicate machines fed by hundreds of tiny, fragile blood vessels. Because of this fragility, some health conditions may affect your eyes before other areas of your body. An eye exam will allow your optometrist to see these effects on your eyes before even your general practitioner can.

Although seemingly unrelated to your eyes, an eye exam can reveal other health concerns, such as:

At Yonge Eye Optometry, our optometrists focus on building a long-term relationship with all our patients. Proper eye care is an ongoing partnership built on trust and open communication. Dr. Awadia takes the time to explain your eye exam results, describe your options, and listen to your unique eye care needs.

It’s important that you have access to the care you need when you need it. Our diverse, experienced eye care team specializes in:

Our responsibility doesn’t stop at eye care. We give back to our community every Christmas by donating to the Harvest Food Bank.

How Often Do You Need an Eye Exam?

Our eye experts recommend that everyone undergo a comprehensive eye exam once a year. This frequency allows us to get to know your eyes and your unique needs. As we establish a baseline for your ocular health, we may recommend a different schedule.

Healthy, low-risk individuals with stable eyesight will likely not have to see us that often. However, those with frequently changing prescriptions, health conditions, or are over 65 may need to see us more often. But, we’ll be able to determine this during your visits.

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What Is Involved in an Eye Exam?

Your eye exam involves a series of tests and evaluations. From a simple eye chart to evaluate your vision to a high-powered, high-definition camera that takes a detailed image of your inner eye, these tests allow us to thoroughly assess your ocular health.

We assess how well your eyes work together, look for early signs of common eye diseases, and evaluate your eyes as indicators of your overall health.

You will also leave with your updated prescription for either eyeglasses or contact lenses. We recommend talking to our friendly optical team if you need new specs or shades!

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